About Us

Passion for technology drives us. Innovation and collaboration defines us. But it’s our awesome people that really set us apart.

At Azenix, we believe that it all starts with people. We're here to help you work smarter, not harder.

We’re much more than a provider of enterprise cloud services and software development, and the principles that drive our company aren’t just lip service. We are motivated by our daily opportunity to create a real impact in the world, and to enable our employees, our customers, our partners and our community to achieve beyond their perceived potential. We empower, develop and support our team so that they can get on with delivering amazing results for our customers.

Azenix Team
Azenix Collaboration

Tech4Good, pro bono tech solutions where it's needed most

We strive to help Australian charities and not-for-profits address critical challenges facing our society by using our expertise in tech to build a better world.

We are a principle based organisation. Our decisions and behaviour are driven by our five principles:

Make Good Choices

We’re common sense people, good judgment people, gut instinct people. We trust ourselves and each other to make the best decisions for the company, for our clients and the team.

We’re all adults. We honour our commitments, and prioritise our clients. We understand expectations and don’t need a whole lot of rules to tell us how to behave, or when or where to work. Because we’re adults, we’re treated that way. We’re mature enough to ask our team for help, and we actively and enthusiastically help each other in return.

If we don’t know what to do, we’ll use that common sense and try something else. We might be right (or close enough to right to keep moving forward). We’re ok with being wrong and changing our approach – the process of learning something new helps us make better decisions. We take responsibility for our actions, and if we break things, we fix them.

Processes and plans are important, but not followed blindly – there’s always room for improvement. Each of us makes it a priority to understand our business, obligations, challenges and clients so we can make good choices.

In It Together

We are a people business. Our uniqueness and value come from our people and the meaningful interactions we create within the team, with our clients and theirs.

We genuinely care about our teammates and want the best for everyone. We create a space where we can have a laugh and enjoy our work and working together. We are generous with our time and support.

Supporting one another and our clients is good for people and good for business. Everybody is different, and we know that support means different things to each person and it changes over time. We’re going to look after each other, even if it means some short-term pain – we take a long-term view. We’ve got each other’s backs.

We embrace and celebrate each other’s originality, uniqueness and authenticity. We value diverse thoughts, perspectives and backgrounds, while also knowing when to present as a united front to clients.

We value humility and substance, and we learn from each other’s experiences, knowing that each of us has walked a different path and that will greatly influence our view of the world.

Communicate Directly

Communication is central to everything we do. It is a crucial part of each of our jobs, and we do so directly, not pushed through a hierarchy. We ensure clarity of purpose and understanding of expectations by communicating clearly; multiple times if needed.

We listen to genuinely understand. We are each responsible for our own connections – we need to tell people what is going on, through the best channel available, and seek out information ourselves – “no one told me” is never an excuse

We speak our minds with respect, compassion and context. We talk directly to each other, using the right communication tool for our message. We have meetings only when they are needed and focus on outcomes.

We have strong opinions, loosely held. We are brave; stating our opinion or case even if it’s not the existing consensus view, and we are prepared to change our minds when we learn something new. We are not afraid to disagree with or question each other, we value each other’s ideas, and when the decision is made, we respect it. We’re better than corporate politics.

Love What You Do & Be Awesome At It

Our people are seriously talented!

We recruit high calibre people who’ll thrive in our environment and who know that important things are worth the hard work. We hire people that will enhance our team and who we can learn from – people who inspire us, people who are rare. We look for potential and the drive to be great.

We recruit awesome people and then get out of their way to allow them to be their best. This is a brilliant place to work because we trust each other to perform and deliver, and continue to strive for optimum outcomes for our clients and each other.  We are self-motivated and driven.

Attracting and recruiting top-notch people is a collective responsibility. Every single role is important, and every single role has the right person in it – for the business, for the team, for the client and for that person to get genuine satisfaction from excelling in their role.

Make Things Better

We transform things for the better, build enduring relationships, and contribute to our community.

We share the things we’ve learnt and always think about our legacies – on the project, with our client and in our team. We embrace challenges and adapt our approach as new information comes to light. We learn from experience and use this knowledge to make things better. We remember our past experiences fondly, but there is no place for nostalgia – we are future focused!

We don’t walk past things that are wrong or where we could make a difference – we roll up our sleeves and help in the best way we can. We’re not bystanders. We are creating something that matters; that’s hard work, but we can make a positive change if we all chip in. We volunteer for the tough stuff.

Our company has been founded to change the way things get done for the better. We are technology pioneers. It’s our strength and our challenge – embrace it!

Looking for a new challenge?

We’ve got ambitious plans to be the best Microsoft solutions company in Australia and New Zealand.