We prize collaboration, innovation, curiosity, diversity, continuous learning and a great attitude!

We hire smart people and get out of their way! By focusing on our five principles and not getting caught up in red tape, we empower you to focus on the job and getting things done.

Whilst Azenix has its own culture, identity and strategic priorities, you’ll actually be part of a much bigger team - Mantel Group. You’ll get opportunities to work with, learn from and socialise with the 300+ technologists across Digio, Eliiza, Pretzel Lab, CMD Solutions, Kasna and Cuusoo.

Azenix Team Collaboration

Our recruitment process is a two-way street.

We want to get to know you, how you like to work and what you love about working with Microsoft tech. We’ll also give you the time to get the answers to the questions that are important to you (after all, we’re in the hot seat too!).

Step 1

Come say hi!

Getting in touch is simple, whether you apply online, or we reach out to you, we’re excited to start the conversation!

Step 2

Who is Azenix?!

Our Talent Partner will spend time giving you an overview of the important bits - the Azenix journey, our roles, how we work and where we’re headed! We’ll get to know you by understanding your aspirations and motivations and what your perfect role might look like.

Step 3

Let’s Talk Tech

To make sure there’s alignment between the kind of tech we play with and what you love to do, we’ll do one of two things: a 30 min tech chat with one of our Engineers or we’ll send you a take home coding challenge, so you can show off your skills (for our Software candidates).

Step 4

Let’s Talk Tech, the sequel

Part 1 was so good, we decided to make a sequel! We’re tech lovers, so it’s important we spend a good amount of time with you to deep dive into your experience. This will be a 1 hour interview with 2 of our Engineers, discussing all things tech and giving you an insight into day-in-the-life at Azenix.

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Step 5

Getting to know each other

Now that you’ve impressed us with your tech skills, we’d like to explore your interest in Consulting through a 1 hour session. This is an opportunity to meet 2 of our Leaders who would love to answer any questions you may have! We’ll also be looking to understand if there’s a strong alignment between you and our 5 Mantel Group Principles.

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Step 6

Let’s make it official!

We hope by now you’re as excited as we are to have you join the team. Our Talent Partner will get you an electronic contract and as soon as you sign we’ll kick off our awesome onboarding experience.

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